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(First I’d like to tell you about the situation… Zero, Aroran Flash, and X are the only surviving hunters after a surprise maverick attack that ended with a bomb exploding and destroying everything

 (First let me tell you about the situation Zero and Auroran Flash are the only

surviving hunters after a surprise maverick attack that ended with a bomb exploding and destroying everything.)


                                                Chapter 1: Headaches and more.


“Helllooooo!” Auroran yelled trying to find any other living hunters. She shivered at the sight of hundreds of dead reploids. ”Zero! Meggy!”

She didn’t even realize she was calling X Meggy.



“Oh…. Damn my head hurts!” Zero groaned. He got up and saw his armor was charred and faded. He started looking for any survivors. But all he saw was nothing but torn computer panels. Soon he found Auroran (Aurie)

“Hey you seen X?” The crimson reploid asked.

“No, we should split up.” replied Auroran.

  Zero was looking for an hour when he saw X’s motionless body.

“Aurie! I found him!”

A moment later Auroran was next to Zero.  

Zero checked for some sign of life but is was definite X was dead.

“I can’t believe it. He’s actually dead, I mean Bass, Sigma none of them killed him but a lousy explosion!” Zero’s sadness was turning into anger “I’m going to kill every single maverick and make them pay!”

“How? March in now and say ‘um excuse me I am going to kill you please lie on the ground.’ Auroran was sad to but she was rational. “For now let’s get some sleep in the remains of MHHQ.


            Volnutt was going to see Roll about a map he found when she screamed from her room.” Get out I’m changing! Wait, you can come in.”

He went in and noticed Data was sitting on her dresser. He thought, “ Data was here the whole time he must have…. THAT SICK monkey!” He realized Data saw Roll change! Suddenly he just felt compelled to go to the basement, but they didn’t have a basement. He pushed on a bush and a platform appeared. Volnutt stepped on to it and it went down to a room with a teleporter like machine. A hologram appeared, it said “ X is dead you must take his place and help Zero and Auroran Flash.”

“What the hell are you talking about!” Volnutt felt compelled to step into the teleporter. He stepped in and found himself in burned out remnants of a building. The sign said, “Welcome to Maverick Hunter Headquarters.”



                              Chapter 2:What is a Maverick Hunter?




            Volnutt explored the remnants of MHHQ and wondered,” What could have done this?” Cyber Peacock answered him, “ The Mavericks you idiot!”

     “I suppose you are a new hunter?” Cyber Peacock sighed then I shall have to kill you.


“What the heck is a Maverick and a Maverick Hunter!” Volnutt demanded.


“Are you secluded or something? The Mavericks are the rulers of the earth!”

Cyber Peacock bragged.” We killed X!


“Wait a minute, I was supposed to take X’s place…that’s not good.” Volnutt realized everything now.


“Well guess you’re gonna die now!” Cyber Peacock said with glee.


“ Shining Laser!” Volnutt’s arm cannon began to change into the Shining Laser weapon. He fired several shots piercing Cyber’s armor.


“What the are you doing I’m on fire nooooo!” Cyber Peacock screamed and fell limp.


“Man, these are some weird people.” Volnutt said to no one.


“Dejavu, my head hurts.” Zero groaned,” What was all that screaming outside?”





                                         Volnutt vs. Zero




       Zero ran outside and saw Volnutt standing and looking around.


      “Who the hell are you?” Zero said with a little exhaustion in his voice “I might have to kill you.”


“What is it with people trying to kill me? Am I a hot spot now?” Volnutt was getting irritated.


“Step into the light so I can see you.” Zero commanded.


“Ok, but if your like that peacock your in trouble.” Volnutt said calmly. As soon as he took one step forward Zero told him to stop.


“Oh my god, X? You’re you’re you’re.” Zero stammered.

“I’m what?” Volnutt was getting annoyed again.


“Dead, X your dead!” Zero yelled.


“ Zero, what are you yelling about?” Aurie came outside. (Well kinda.)

She stopped there wasn’t enough light to see and Volnutt looked like X.

“Who are you!”


“ I’m am not X! I am not dead!” Volnutt screamed. “ A hologram told me I had to help Zero and Auroran Flash because X is dead!”


“ Liar, you’re gonna die.” Zero ignited his neon saber and dove at Volnutt.

Who nimbly dodged him and fired off a small shot at Zero. Zero retaliated with a level 3 blast at Volnutt who simply dodged it. Volnutt then fired a level 2 blast that hit Zero square in the chest. Zero fell to the ground; he was still damaged from the explosion.


“ Ok listen, if you two are Zero and Auroran Flash then I need to help you defeat

What’s his name…? Sigma! Anyway I don’t want to fight you but you seemed intent with it. So we need to somehow find a way to kill Sigma without this X person k?” Volnutt said, calm again.


“ Oh I’m afraid we can’t let you do that.” Agile said. “ We were sent to clean up.



Agile and twenty other Mavericks came out from the shadow’s darkness.


“Here we go,” Zero said as he ignited his neon saber and leapt into the fray.

Volnutt and Auroran also joined in.


Two Mavericks flew across the night sky as Volnutt charged his Shining Laser again. Aurie killed Split Mushroom with a blast to the head. Zero was in a fury cutting them down where they stood. Agile blasted Zero and he went flying through the air. Agile then went for Volnutt who blasted a hole through Agile’s stomach.


“You, I must tell Sigma about you,” Agile teleported with his last ounce of strength.


  “ I don’t think we had a formal introduction, I’m Aurie and I think you met Zero.” Auroran said.


“ I’m Megaman Volnutt but call me Volnutt,” Volnutt was beginning to like this Aurie person.



                                                        Chapter 4

                                                       Night time


          “ Hey Doppler when are you gonna finish repairing my unit?” Bass asked.

He was the leader of the 6th Maverick unit.


“ Be patient Bass some have been hit with a weapon I’ve never seen before,”

Doppler disliked Bass because he wasn’t a true Reploid. And Doppler was also working on a new reploid that Sigma wanted. So he couldn’t fool around with Bas right now.


“Well hurry up, ok?” Bass went to find something interesting.


“Finally, the fool is gone,” Doppler went into a secret room and got to work on Night, the new Maverick.


“Ah Night, you will be the perfect spy and warrior.” Doppler muttered to himself.


“ Why does he look HUMAN!” Vile yelled at Doppler.


“ Because, his armor is on the inside of his skin,” Doppler explained. “And, Sigma wanted him to be able to spy on humans with no problem.”


“ How will he fight?” Vile wondered.


“ He has a neon staff that Sigma will train him how to use himself.”

Doppler didn’t like giving away his secrets of his genus.


“Wow, he must be important then.” Vile mused and walked off.




       “Hey Tiger, want to go destroy stuff?” Slash Beast asked. It was to boring with the Hunters gone.


“I guess, Let’s go beat up the Hunter Building.” Neon Tiger replied.


      “ He’s finished!” Doppler yelled with glee. “ Neon Tiger, Slash Beast were are you going?”


“ To bash the Hunter Building,” they replied.


“ NO, don’t do that, go tell Sigma that Night is ready.” Doppler instructed.


“ OK, if you get to work on repairing the rest of the 6th Unit, “ They ran off.


“Darn kids,” Doppler muttered.

                                                        Chapter 5

                                               Training, Sigma style


    “Cool,” Night thought to himself.” I can almost beat Sigma in a fight, soon I can combat his power.”


 “ Why did I let Night choose his own clothes?” Sigma thought. Night was wearing a Wonder bread T-shirt, black and green pants, and blue boot like shoes.


“ Get ready Night!” Sigma said as he leapt at Night. The two fought like a well-oiled machine, never was one or the other winning. This lasted for five hours until Night slid under Sigma’s legs and struck him in the back with his Neon staff.


“Oofff,” Sigma said as he fell to the ground. “ Very good, we’ll do this again tomorrow.”  Then Sigma got up and left.


Bass walked up to Night,” How would you like to be in my unit?” He asked.


“ I’m not going to be in a unit, I go by myself.” Night replied.


“ Suit yourself but we are going to find and kill the remaining three Hunters.” Bass taunted Night.


“ Alright, sounds like a plan, I’ll go with you.” Night said with excitement in his voice.


“Cool, see you in an hour.” Bass said and walked off.


           “Before I let you join in with the Hunters, you have to realize that you’ll obey me as your commanding officer,” Zero said to Volnutt.


“OK, I get the point already,” Volnutt replied.


“Alright, you are now a Maverick Hunter,” Zero gave Volnutt an insignia to put on his helmet.



                  Roll fell on hard concrete, she had followed Volnutt through the teleporter.” What is this place?” she wondered to herself. She heard Volnutt’s voice over another man and women.” I’ve got to find him,” she said and ran off toward the sound of his voice.          


                                                        Chapter 6

                                                  Night on the town

                                    (I’m starting to run out of puns luckily.)

      “Haha! This is so much fun!” Night yelled over the screams of helpless humans.” Hey Bass! When can we fight some Hunters?”


“Soon Night, Soon. This is just a warm-up,” answered Bass. “Hello! What do we have here? A person with guts?” He jumped in front of a man with a laser rifle. The man aimed but before he could fire a blue streak smacked his gun away.


“Why are you helping the mavericks?” the man asked Night.


“Fool, I am one!” Night replied and struck him in the back of the head, the man fell over, dead.

Finally, they left and went searching for the hunters. What they found was Volnutt waiting for them.


“Hi, are you a Hunter?” Night asked. No one who was there had ever seen Volnutt before and he hadn’t put on his insignia yet.


“No, you looking for them?” He replied innocently.


“Yeah, never mind,” all the mavericks left.


“How stupid are those people?” Auroran asked when they were gone.


“ I guess very, considering I fought some of them before,” Volnutt laughed.


“Volnutt! I finally found you!” Roll yelled out of breath from running.


“Roll! What are you doing here!” Volnutt said dumbfounded.     


“ I followed you through the teleporter.” Roll said catching her breath again.


“ This isn’t good,” Zero chimed in. “ She’s human.”


“So! What does that have to do with anything,” Roll demanded.


“It means,” Auroran said.” That the mavericks will want to kill you.” 





Come one come all to The Battle of the Century Volnutt, Auroran and Zero vs. New contender Night from Maverick HQ!


            “Who was that blue guy Bass?” Night asked Bass. They were getting to be good friends.


“Donno, Hey Cyber what did that guy who melted you look like?” Bass screamed across the room.


“Blue with wild hair and he seemed kinda confused,” Cyber Peacock replied.


“Hey! That was him. We gotta go back,” Night exclaimed.


“Yeah, we should go before he goes someplace else,” Bass agreed.


“Bass, you have to stay and train with your unit,” Vile told him. “I’m sure Night ‘the reploid that looks like a 13 year old human can do it.’”


“Awwww, shudap,” was Night’s reply.


    “Hey, that human looking for us is back,” Volnutt said as Roll dived behind a rock.


“Hello, I’m here to kill you and your hunter friends,” Night casually said.


“Somehow I doubt that, Volnutt replied.” You probably saw what I did to the other Mavericks.”


“Ok, just wanted to warn ya,” Night said.” You’re on the wrong team.”


Zero jumped out and challenged Night.

“ Let’s go,” Zero said as he leapt a Night with neon saber drawn.

Night quickly drew his neon staff and blocked Zero’s blade and cracked the blue staff into his stomach.


“Uhhh…” Zero groaned in pain as Night also repeatedly kicked his chest.

Night was blown back by a blast from Auroran.


“You can’t take us all on!” Aurie said as she charged up again.


“No, but we can,” Bass said as he appeared with the three X-Hunters Violin, Agile, and Serges.


“Hey Bass, thought you had to train with your unit?” Night asked.


“I ditched them to hunt the Hunters,” Bass laughed at his own corny joke.


“Well I hate to see the blue dude go butt oh well,” Night said to Bass.


“No one is touching Volnutt!” Roll screamed as she leapt from the rock. She threw three drill bits hitting the three X-hunters in the back.


All three X-hunters where dead, killed by Roll.


“Whoa that’s kinda it for today, let’s go Night,” Bass said as they teleported away.


                                                 Chapter 8

                                         Trouble in the Night

                                          (Last pun I swear.)


“You know Bass, we could beat Sigma ourselves,” Night told his friend.


“Let’s not I’m scared of the man.” (Or whatever he is.) Bass replied.


“Wuss, fine I’ll take him myself,” Night taunted Bass.


“Don’t, he’ll kill ya if you lose,” Bass told Night.


“Whatever man I’ll take him when he least expects it, I think he’s an old…”


“An old what? “ Sigma asked Night as he entered the room.


“An old Maverick leader,” Night responded to quickly.


“OH, ok anyway, Night I sending you to spy on the rest of the hunters,” Sigma told Night.


“No,” Night replied.


“WHAT!” Sigma yelled.” I don’t think I heard right what did you say?”


“No, I’m not going to go,” Night said again.


“ Night you’re never going see the light of day again!” Sigma screamed.” Bass dispose of this traitor.”


“No,” Bass said with a quiver in his voice.


“Well, I’ll kill him and you,” Sigma rushed at Night with his huge hammer.


“Don’t bet on it, pops,” Night replied and drew his neon staff.


   The battle went on like training until Sigma started getting faster and harder to dodge.


“What the,” Night said as he was hit hard with the hammer.

Night went flying across the room and hit the wall.

Bass soon met the wall too.

“Doppler dispose of these sorry excuses for wannabe Mavericks,” Sigma said and walked off.


“Well I’m sure not going to kill Night but Bass I might,” Doppler muttered to himself.


“I’ll just leave Night near the Hunter camp, but Bass is going to die,” Doppler thought and started off with his work.            



                                        Night’s memory goes down the drain


Doppler ran through his plan one more time. Wipe out Night’s memory of being a Maverick, program his mind to want to join the Hunter’s, and leave him near the Hunter’s camp.  In a couple hours Night woke up. He started toward the Hunter base. He met Volnutt standing there.


“Hello, I’m interested to join the Hunters,” Night told Volnutt.


“What? You’re a Maverick!” Volnutt said and raised his arm cannon to Night’s head. Just then Roll came rushing up.


“Volnutt! Maverick’s are attacking Auroran and Zero!” Roll exclaimed.


“You! You set a trap,” Volnutt said accusingly to Night.


The three ran over to where Zero and Auroran were fighting hordes of Mavericks.

Out of pure instinct Night pulled his Neon staff and joined in, so did Volnutt.

Boomer Kuwanga exploded and Night stole his Boomerang. He threw it and destroyed Wrap Viper (I made him up) and Chill Penguin. In a short amount of time the Mavericks were scraps. And Night was standing over the smoking wreckage of Magma Dragoon.


“Ok, why did Night just kill some Mavericks?” Volnutt asked.


“Because they were trying to kill Hunters,” Night replied.


“This is getting too weird,” Zero said.


“What is the problem with letting me join the Hunters?” Night said annoyed.


“Well we kinda can’t let in a Maverick,” Zero said to Night.


“What? Me? A Maverick?” Night ran off even more confused than when he was created.



                                              Turning into a Hunter


Night walked into town. He got some strange looks by people who thought they had seen him before. He went into a shop that said “Neon weapons and more”


“May I help you?” the clerk asked Night


“I’m looking for an upgrade for this boomerang,” Night casually said.


“Sir do you realize who’s boomerang that is?” the clerk asked puzzled.


“Yes, it is Boomer Kawangur’s,” Night replied.


“Ohhkay, what kind of upgrade would you like?” the clerk asked still wondering why this person could have a Maverick’s weapon.


“To a neon weapon,” Night said.


“Sir those are illegal,” the clerk said but once the other customer left he said,                                                           

“Follow me.”


“I can’t upgrade that boomerang but I have great selection,” He motioned to the wall.


“Ok well, I’ll take the black handled one,” Night told the clerk.


“Excellent choice sir, when you throw it, the handle gets covered with electricity until it hits something.” The clerk went back to the counter and rung it up.

“That will be $50.00,” the clerk told Night.

Night pulled out a fifty-dollar bill and handed it to the clerk.


“Thank you! I will be able to feed my family for a month with this!” The clerk graciously told Night.


Night went to the woods to think.


“I’m not a Maverick… am I?” he thought.


“Well you’re not a saint!” Stryker Mantis said.


“I’ve been hired to kill you!” Stryker Mantis said as he leapt at Night with his blade arms.





                                       Where has all the sanity gone?



       Night backflipped out of the way of Stryker Mantis’ arms onto a nearby tree, he then drew his staff and counter attacked. Attack block, attack block that was all Stryker seemed to be doing. So Night swung low and tripped him off his feet.

When Stryker Mantis looked up he had a neon staff to his face.


“Ok, who hired you?” Night demanded.


“…Sigma did,” the Bounty Hunter replied.


“Get out of here, you’re not worth killing,” Night told him.

Stryker Mantis got up and ran away.


Night thought all night (I couldn’t resist please don’t be mad~_0) about what they all had said.

“ I was a maverick… but then why can’t remember. I was created by Doppler and oh…” Night remembered everything. He started back to MHHQ.


 “That’s it!” Zero yelled unexpectedly. “I’m sick of this! I’m gone, and nobody better try and stop me!”


“Well I don’t know you very well so I can’t object,” Volnutt said not looking up from his monopoly game.


“But I can,” Night said. Every one looked up. Night was on top of the Hunter Building. He jumped down and said,” You know Zero? I’m really getting sick of you. You’ve gone Maverick three times and destroyed the old hunter building hell, I don’t even know if you set off this bomb! And you’re past is screwed up too. You were created by Wily everybody knows that, but what about how you killed him and all the Robot Masters for fun? Bet that one’s new. Zero, I wouldn’t even call you a Maverick. I would call you just plain evil now that X is dead. Volnutt, Roll, and Auroran stared at Zero.

Was this true? Is Night lying? All the Hunters thought.


In a split second Zero leapt at Night and a battle erupted. Soon Zero was on the ground with Night ready to slice off his head. Ripples appeared in the air, the ripples turned into a reploid who shot Night with an electric bomb that blew him back to the wall. The reploid spoke,” Hello, I am Wraith a ghost, no not a dead thing, a stealth assassin. I came here to kill Mavericks”


“You know, I’ve been blasted off Zero twice now and it’s getting old,” Night complained. “ And anyway I’m not a Maverick anymore.”


“I don’t care if you’re now the pope, you’re now considered Maverick,” Wraith raised his arm cannon and fired another electric bomb. Night abruptly hit the wall and fell unconscious. Volnutt powered up a Shining Laser shot. (He uses it a lot in this so get used to it.)


“Night’s not a Maverick!” He said and blasted at Wraith, Wraith fell back but seemed unharmed.


“You don’t get it do you? I have watched the future of other dimensions like this be destroyed by this reploid called Night. Don’t think he is any different.” Wraith laughed at Volnutt’s bravery. “ Also, I can withstand all of you weapons.”


“ I beg to differ,” Auroran said as she stabbed Wraith in the back with her trusty saber. Wraith disappeared in a flash of plasma.


I will be back! Was heard all around the Hunters as Wraith left.



                                                  Roll’s ER


  “Is there anywhere we can bring Night?” Roll asked. She had been reading all of Cain’s books and she could disassemble and reassemble a reploid with no hesitation.


“Well the ER was underground it might have survived. Wait where’s Zero?” Auroran noticed that Zero had slipped away when Wraith showed up.

When they made it to the ER Volnutt was whistling the song of the show.


“Will you shut up!” A voice from inside said.


“Step outside!” Volnutt commanded.


“We kinda can’t, we were here when the Mavericks attacked, we where getting medical attention,” Another voice said. They stepped in and turned on the lights only to see two reploids. One had purple and white armor with gold trimmings with dark purple wings while the other had red and yellow fire armor with a silver trim; he also had blue hair in a braid.


“I am Naoko and this is Raidon, hello,” Naoko said.

Volnutt laid Night on a bed and Roll looked at him.


“Well he will be fine, his self healers work fast, as for you two,” She put a patch on Naoko’s side where he had been cut.


“I don’t need help from a human!” Raidon protested.


“Ok, I’ll let you die, how about that,” With that Roll started patching up Raidon too.


“ Well we got a nice little group of people huh, two damaged reploids, a doctor that learned how an hour ago, a reploid that has armor inside his skin, a normal reploid, and god knows what I am,” Volnutt said as everyone laid down to finally rest.




                                 Pikachu re-incarnated


            The Hunters stayed there for a week until Naoko and Raidon were healed. Volnutt went outside only to see Naoko and Raidon practicing.                                                                                                                                                

“Piiiiikaaaa,” he joked as Raidon charged his electric powers.


“Hey shut up,” Raidon threatened. “ This charge might just miss Naoko and hit you.”



“Sir, I’m afraid we have completely lost the Hunters,” Chill Penguin told Vile.

“Okay, If that is true I will have to gut you and leave you to Sigma’s dog Mezzo. (Yes that is a musical term) Now is that true?”


“Yes, sir”

With that Vile charged his shoulder cannon and blew Chill Penguin apart.


“God I hope Sigma doesn’t find out,” Vile thought remembering when Mezzo tortured him for a month because he wouldn’t show Sigma his real face. 


“This is our plan for the final battle with the Mavericks,” Volnutt said as he explained how Raidon would try to join and if they let him he would make his way to the main computer and destroy it. After that the doors should go haywire thus letting in the other hunters to fight.


“Um sir, I can’t do that because I was a Maverick once before,” Raidon said resenting the fact that Volnutt was a higher rank although he was here longer.


“Okay Naoko will do it,” Volnutt simply replied.


“I will?” Naoko asked.


“Yes, now go,” Volnutt told him.


                            Chapter-14 This is it For All the Marbles


  Naoko walked to the main computer he was amazed by how easily he could become a Maverick all he did was ask. He finally got there and charged his arm cannon then fired. The computer exploded sending Naoko flying. One of the other rookies asked him what happened he just shook his head and said,” I donno.”


“There, the doors are screwing up let’s go,” Volnutt told everybody. The four Hunters went in weapons ready, there were ten mavericks staring at them. Before they realized what was going on Raidon had killed them all with a blast of lightning. This kept going on just as Volnutt thought until the Throne Room. There was Sigma with a full force of Mavericks waiting.


“How do villains always do that!” Night asked in frustration.


“Oh I don’t know but this is the end! The Hunters are no more!” Sigma made one of his domination speeches again before the fight started.

There were too many Mavericks in the room so a fully charged blast would hit two or three of them. It seemed like the Hunters were winning until Raidon, Night, and Naoko were knocked unconscious and Auroran was held back by Mavericks. Volnutt was still shooting though, he killed Armor Armadillo with what was his last Shining Laser he would ever fire for Sigma lunged toward him neon saber drawn. Volnutt couldn’t react before he was killed.

At that time a single tear was wept from Wraith as he saw another universe explode and reconstruct because of time being disrupted. Volnutt didn’t belong in that time so he caused a space-time breakdown causing the destruction of one universe and the construction of another. And Wraith prayed to god that he could save this one.



 Now that you have finished my story I have to see how much was that.

* Walks to cash register and rings it up*

Oh never mind, you paid enough by staying and reading this crap so…

Well I hope you liked it my next one is coming soon, you have to read the epilogue of Apocalypse to understand it though.

See ya soon!

*keeps waving until the curtain closes, then pulls out a cigerette and walks off smoking*




    Okay this isn’t more of the story but an explanation of my next fic.

It really is just a switch of character roles and stuff.


First Dr. Light made Megaman (I’ll have a chart later)

Then he made X

X went around fighting Wily and stuff

Then Wily made his right hand bot Zero.

Soon Light thought of an idea to make reploids he then made Protoman

Wily stole Protoman and made his own reploid Bass

Bass and Protoman were put in capsules so they wouldn’t go insane.


Weirdly enough all the Mavericks stayed the same.


Now the chart

My time frame - Capcom’s time frame

Megaman = Protoman

X = Megaman

Zero = Bass

Protoman = X

Bass = Zero

           Roll in my fic is a reploid but looks like the MM Legends Roll.

  All Mavericks stay the same but Stryker Mantis doesn’t exist.