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Well you wanna know about me? I'm flattered, now read on!
The Gelgameth people survey
Real Name:Evan Lowell Kester
Age:14, by 2001 I'll be able to drive!! YES!!
Lives in:I'm no fool I'm not giving my hometown out too anyone(unlees they're a good friend of mine)
Friends:(in no real order)Leighton, Cory, Corey, Ivanovich, Paul and my brother Cullen
Net friendsStonecore, Brian "X" Terry, Lady Red Draco, Megne Hyakulegger, Emerald, Sigma Delta, MegaGirlX2, Crystal, Auroran Flash, Ice Blue X, Tiandra, Polymorph64 (Jared), Navichan (Beth), Bobcat, Raichucat(Miraimichiru, Rai), Rakurainaru (Rachel, Rai, Raichan) and Jetmode I'm not sure all the people aformentioned consider me a friend but I consider them friends, if you're my friend and I forgot you please tell me @
Religion:None really I am mostly Christian though(despite the horrors commited in the name of Christianity)
LikesRPGs, Anime, Manga, Comic books(MARVEL not DC mind you), Friends, People who like me (yes in THAT way), Message Boards, Romance, Video games, Drawing and the 'net
Dislikes:Dubbing(usually), Racism, Prejiduce, Barney, Tellitubbies, Emmy's battle form, people who don't like me, Myself at times, my flaws, Rudeness(especially in myself), Dubbing, and did I mention Dubbing?
Favorite food:Pizza all the way baby!
Favorite Cartoon:Simpsons, Futurama, err I don't think there are others.
Favorite Anime:I... Can't... CHOOSE!!!!!... (leaning towards The Slayers)
Favorite MovieDitto
Favorite Anime Character(s)Hmmm can't choose all around faves but.. from each Anime....
The Slayers: ALL of the characters except for Amelia.
Tenchi (all of them): Ryoko, Washu and Sakuya.
Ranma 1/2: Ranma, Ukyo (Come on, how many characters have a giant spatula, common sense AND look good!) and Ryoga.
Vision of Escaflowne: Hitomi, Van, Van's older borther (Can't remember his name >O), Allen and Escaflowne (I know it doesn't count but it's so cool!).
Fushigi Yugi: All of them! though Chichiri is the best ya know!
That's all I can come up with right now ^^
Weird obsessionsI hum alot and I like video game music. Plus I like to draw if that counts as weird ^^


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