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Links!!! Now go! Get out! no wait... Come back later!

Bobcat's Cavern -Okay this is the site of a REALLY cool friend of mine, her art is superb so if you like Manga and other forms of japanese style art visit this site

Emerald's sprite production page -A good site for RPGs. He has a good amount of RPG boards.

Ye Olde Ska Message Board -My good friend Stonecore's message board! Just wait, soon she'll have a SITE! She's nice and so are the people on her Message board! Stop by if you enjoy talking with people and making new friends.

The ultimate X and Zero Webpage -Okay so maybe it's not but it's still cool. He has some movies that are ard to find and a small but still good collection of sprites.

Mechadrake Assembelies inc. Red Draco's MegaMan Nest -This site is about the coolest there is! Of course this is also the site of the Red Draco! If you like dragons and you like MegaMan, THIS is your site!

Megaman:Man in blue -A cool site about the one the only MEGAMAN!

RockMan's World -This site is really cool they have all the best Rockman midis on the web(okay MAYBE you can find better ones but not as many good ones as are stored here!) I got all the midis on my site from here (yes this is partielly the credit I'm giving them)

The Russet Dog - I'm sad to say it but the Russet dog in died... we'll miss ya' Jet.

MMX:The Reploid Wars - Aurie's a nice person ya' know? she's gonna let me use the name of her site for a fan fic I'm going to write!(though I'm gona use Rockman instead of Megaman) Anyway Aurie has a nice site stop by and visit, but be warned, do not, I repeat, do NOT dis Sephiroth in her presence(or even mispell his name!)

Ice blue's Corner -A nifty site, Ice Blue X is Amazing with HTML and you MUST visit her site!
(by the way Ice, I linked to crosswinds instead of Blackuniverse because Blackuniverse treats your site funny and only shows one name in the title bar, I think blackuniverse has a hidden frame)

MegaMan X's 17 Maverick Hunter Base -this is a cool site, it may be small but it just got started, and really- it's still larger than the piece of shit you're on XD (it's a very good page, and X is a nice guy, go there)

Zero X Gold's Maverick hunter base- This site is one of the best MegaMan sites out there! He is currently revamping so and I don't know when he'll be done, stop by often, you never know whenm he'll finish.

HeatMan's Page -THE site for sprites! His site is unfinished but growing and quickly, this is one of the best MegaMan sites you'll ever find. He also has a good collection of Midis MP3s and Wavs, this is a very good site. His sprite count is so far is: aprox. 6,701 -A site with midis from almost every single game ever made, if you like video game music, go here.

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