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Not much new this time either. I added chapter 2 to RMX:TRW and updated the link to MMX:TRW (Avid visiters would have noticed I did this a while ago ^_^)
Wow, I actually did an update on good time! Oh yeah, Pokémon fans, I'm ACTUALLY planning on getting my pokémon site up!
Now fer something new, I wanna hear some votes, who wants a coming soon feature?

Not much different, just added a new link and updated the about me section again.

ACK! A whole month without updates! GOMEN GOMEN GOMEN!
Anyway I updated the About me page and the Fanfics page more to come ^^

I have put up RMX:TRW in the my stuff section, read it, like it. I've also added a few new people to the friends list on my about me page.

I have put up the art section to my site now, and I've removed that anoting background from the main tower o' links too. I've removed the peranthesis message in the links section at that. I've also added a few new pictures to the myart section.

Well not really a BIG update, I took Bobcat's advice and decided to keep the Records section, I have also added a "Last updated" feature... All I've really done is added a few new links and changed some of the text on the links, oh yeah I also changed the link to Ice's page and took down the link to Russet Dog. Good bye Jetmode we'll miss ya'. Oh yeah, it also seems that people who I don't know have started coming to my site, Red was right about that guestbook thing!

Tied up most loose ends, most of the links work right, I am considering taking down the link to the Russet dog soon. I'll try for a bigger update when I'm no longer sick.

I've updated My stuff and changed the opening joke.

I've added an about me page, a page for my stuff, a new new E-mail address!

Finnally my site presentable to public! Expect the fan art section soon!
That's right! REVAMP OVER!!!!!!!!

Finnaly decided to post about the complete ravamp on my site in the records section (here!) and I'm not sure how long the revamp will take. Those of you who visit my site(there ARE some of you, aren't there?) will be pleased by the new look, I don't yet know Java script so I won't come neer the final version! oh yeah, must make 'Always under construction' sign.....

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