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Character/mobile suit creation example:


Alright, say I want to create a spacenoid mercenary with a bigass Zeong-type mobile armor (hey, it’s anime!).  First I create the pilot (this is all basic information that the GM should have on any character, by the way).


Name: Deo Vallan

Age: 34

Ethnic origin: unknown

From: L1 colony cluster

Eyes: brown

Hair: black

Height: 5’ 10”

Skill level: 2


Ethnic origin isn’t necessary, but it’s an aspect of the character that could conceivably be used later on in the story.  There are a couple of different colony clusters, L1 is mostly Asian peoples, L2 and L3 is made up of Americans and Europeans, L4 has most of the people from the Middle East and Africa, and L5, the home of a clan of Chinese martial artists, was destroyed during the last war.  L6 and L7, my own invention, are mixed bags, but they are further into space than the other colonies.


Now I have 25 points to spend on my four primary attributes.  After fiddling with them a bit, I arrange them like this.


Armor: 6

Output: 6

Maneuverability: 6

Precision: 7


The secondary stats are now as follows: Damage Tolerance: 20, Power: +3, Soak Rate: 3, and since I want my pilot to have some previous experience, I spend the four cp to give him a level two skill, which brings my aps to 12


Now, one half of Output plus Maneuverability plus eighteen is 24, minus four for the pilot experience is 20.  I spend one cp to make my mobile suit a mobile armor, and purchase… let’s see, a re-enforced frame (4 cps), a pair of missile launchers with an extra round of ammunition each (5 cps), and two beam guns, one in the face (5 cps), and one in the torso with a higher output modification (5 cps).  Now comes the fun part.


Model number: DVMS-00M1

Code name: Metool custom

Unit type: High-output mobile armor

Manufacturer: Deo Vallan

Operator: Deo Vallan

Accommodation: Pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Dimensions: head height 18 meters

Weight: empty 9 metric tons

Materials: Neo Titanium alloy

Equipment and design features: head-mounted sensors; re-enforced frame

Fixed armaments: 2x missile launcher, two rounds per tube, mounted on shoulders; 1x mega particle cannon, mounted on face; 1x mega particle cannon (+1 damage modifier), mounted in chest

Output rating: 6

Armor rating: 6

Maneuverability rating: 6

Precision rating: 7

Damage tolerance: 24

Base Power: +3

Soak Rate: 3

Aps: 12

Pilot skill requirements: none


“You dirty rat.”


Now for the fun part.  Deo was a mobile suit engineer on a construction site in colony L1-29 when the place was attacked by Earth Federation forces.  His house, workshop, and all his belongings were trashed, and his face was horribly scarred during the attack.  Thoroughly pissed off by this turn of events, Deo salvaged some parts from the construction mobile suits and destroyed federation suits to create Metool, and has set off across the galaxy to kick some Earthside ass.


Metool was designed with high power in mind, but it also possesses extremely accurate targeting computers.  The suit is large, bulky, and barrel-like, sporting a pair of large, powerful arms, stubby thruster-laden “legs”, and a large head with two mono-eye sensors running on indipendant tracks.  The suit is a dull yellow in color, with a large green construction cross on it’s chest above the beam cannon.  Deo’s favorite method of attack with this suit is to soften up an opponent with his particle beams, then end the battle with a well-placed missile.


The quote is just for fun, but it does give you an idea of the guy’s mentality.  That’s about it… if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, but I think it’s pretty straightforward…