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My art
I actually forgot to color the mouth on this one, but I colored it in on Corel Draw. I'm not quite happy with the way this one scanned
Lady Draco
I'm pretty happy with this one, remind me to start coloring my pics more often.
I drew this one for Lightning, It's pretty old so that's why it looks kinda bad.
>new< Forte and Roll
Forte and Roll kissing, I don't know why I did this one but I like the way it turned out. I just wish I'd done their mouths better.
>new< Magnus and Ice
I drew this one shortly after finding out about these two lovebirds! My only regret about this pic is that I had no idea what to do with Mags' fourth arm, it's just kinda hanging there. Magnus has told me that he DOES do the rabbit ear/antenea thing!

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