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HEY! This isn't a pokémon site!

Sorry to dissapoint but my Pokémon site won't be up for a LOONG time, But now I'm going to talk about something that you might or might not care about.

I like pokémon I don't love it, I don't hate it, I just like it. I think Pokémon is a bit dissapointing actually I find little reward from catching all the pokémon, my favorite part (the part I really like instead of just being able to tolorate it) is Mewtwo. Mewtwo has a serious plot and actually has some deeper meaning. Now I'm sure I have you people thoroughly confused, do I like Pokémon? Do I hate Pokémon? I like most of the Pokémon themselves. Ash is a moron, Misty has bad lines, and well Brock's Brock, Oh yes did I forget Team Rocket? Team Rocket dissapoints me, every friggin' time... well that is until the show reaches the point were they start deciding that they don't have time for the rhyme.
Now the relationship between Ash and Misty is interesting and gets too little attention. It could be an interesting plot point if they would go anywhere with it.
I believe that the pokémon TV show has had many oppertunities to be a great TV show but they blow them all away... I personally don't want to listen to people yak on about friendship nonstop, if they could work in a plotline that involves more than "Gotta catch 'em all" I'd be sooo much more interested in Pokémon.
BUT! Hey don't mark me as a Poké-hater! I LOVE the mangas! They fix all the faults of the TV show... And you know I liked Pikachu's Vacation! And Mewtwo Strikes Back! Pikachu's vacation is cute, and I LIKED the interludes! they were funny! And the bellsprout was hilarious. Auctron comments that it seems like one of the pokémon was on drugs or something and seeing something weird.. or maybe horibly drunk... As a joke as a joke! Man! Some people...
You CANNOT say Mewtwo doesn't kick A-err-Arse.

The Card Game?

Okay I'll admit, I gave up on the card game, First edition boosters are too expensive. But the game is fun, and parents do have the power to say no to kids. And for you people who say Magic: the Gathering and Pokémon:Trading card game Are expensive, $2.95 to $3.99 on the averadge booster! And you know! If you choose to sell the cards in the booster you get anywhere from $6 to $40! So you see I like it, no matter what you're getting more than your money's worth.
The Card game is fun and as long as you treat it as a game you're fine.

But-But They're Brain-washing children! all they want is money!

That's a load of Bull, do you watch TV? Surf the net?(duh) Then you're being "brainwashed". Advertisement. Advertisement's the word, business doesn't work without it, and our economy doesn't work without it. Advertisment tries to make you think of the advertised product so much you buy it.
And I don't buy communism...

New topic, how can you hate pokémon when they have MEW! and EEVEE! Come on! What's wrong with MALE people liking CUTE creatures?

Yeah well what about that kid that pretended to be Scyther and hacked his friends to bits?

He was insane already... Video games can only make bad kids worse. A good kid will not become evil just because they play Pokémon. Or even Doom!

Now about the Pika problom... I have gotten a little anoyed by the number of pikachus running around... but I still love Pikachu to pieces... Oh yeah on the matter of what pokémon is, Just cuz' they're Pocket Monsters doesn't mean they can't be cool!

To end this, if you hate pokémon, go ahead, but don't ruin it for everyone else.

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