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We-he-ell I see you want to submit something to my site! Well First of all you need to have something to submit :D, then you send it to with the information on what it is listed in the table below!
By the way, all submitions are welcome, Just because the link to this is in the Fan fic section doesn't mean I only want Fan fics, send art, sprites and other things too!

Required information
Your namebecause I nead to know who to credit
The thing your sending meIn attachment form of course, I need the Item if it's gonna be on my site
The Item's nameBecause otherwise it'll just go by it's file name

Now following information is stuff that might require explanation:
Fan Fiction and Story Stuffs
EEveryoneStories that are suitable for anyone, most stories wont get this.
GGeneral ReadersGood for the averadge person, a good portion of stories will get this rating
PGPerental Guidance suggjestedMost people actually won't have to have people read this over with them, these stories are likely to have violence and minor swearing
PG-13Perental Guidance stongly recomendedAgain you don't need to have your parent look over this, these might contain refferences to sex and violence and swearing
RRestrictedIf you are squimish or easily offended stay away from these, possibly containing gratuitis violence, sex scenes, and swearing possibly nudity. These are NOT ment for little children
HHentai(Perverted)This is purely descriptive sex, I will NOT post any stories that reseve this rating, I shall only list the name and rating as a warning to people incase they find it on other sites, if you send me one of these I shall be cautious around your works for a long time
FForbiddenThese fan fics may contain hidiously strong language, hidiosly gorry violance and/or highly discripteve sex and nudity, and ocasionally images dipicting these. I will NOT post stories that reseve this rating, I will only list their names and ratings
NOTE: A fan fictions rating does not reflect the quality of the story(except H stories, which are horrid stories) they merely tell you the content as a possible warning
I post my comments and feelings about stories in a slightly watered down version under the name of each story, these can help you judge the quality, if you have your own comments about a story send them to me and I might post them with my own

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