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Rockman X: the Reploid Wars
By: Gelgameth

Chapter 2:

     When Silia woke up she was drenched in sweat. She had been having a nightmare, there was a tall purple reploid with a shoulder cannon destroying everything, he killed X and he killed many humans. Sigma was there, but he did nothing to stop the slaughter, he even seemed to be encouraging it.
     Silia's cloths were stuck tight to her skin and she was breathing heavily. Why did she have that dream, it was so vivid, it was almost like a premonition. But that couldn't be. She thought to herself, Sigma cannot go maverick!
     She needed to see Yakasa... she was beginning to miss him already, and she needed to talk to him.

     Yakasa was walking down the halls, he had a bad feeling and he wanted to go somewhere calm and quiet, where he could clear his mind. Then he saw Silia. She was a mess, she was covered and sweat and breathing deeply, she was overjoyed to see X.
     X extended his arms and caught Silia in a tender embrace. Though she placed her hands on his chest and laid her head there, she was distressed and she made no attempt to hide it.
     "Come on… what's the mater?"
     "I don't want to talk about it here..."
     "Then… where do you want to talk about it? I was on my way to the park and-"
     "That'd be perfect."
     X pulled away from Silia and the two began to walk on towards the exit of the base.

     Yakasa looked over the water, the moon created a beautiful reflection on the circular lake. And sat, out of hi armor on the cement rim of the lake. This scene was beautiful, and it was what he wanted life to be like. He could hear the frogs croaking, the crickets chirping and the cicadas. It would have been the most serene scene if it were not for the sad look in Silia's eyes.
     She hadn't showered and her hair was a mess, Yakasa held her tight, hoping that it would calm her down. When she didn't he decided it was time to ask her.
     "What's on your mind?"
     Silia bit her lip and leaned against X harder.
     "Is something wrong?"
     "I... had a dream...I-it was horrible... and it didn't feel like dream at all…"
     "It was probably still just a dream... why are you so worried about it?"
     "X..." Silia didn't feel like telling Yakasa the rest, she just wanted to be with him, "Just hold me tight... don't ever let me go..."
     Yakasa took a moment to ponder this then just held Silia tighter.

     Sigma clutched his side, it still hurt from the battle with the maverick. His thoughts had been cluttered and he found himself arguing with his own thoughts. The once kindly commander was now becoming cruel and harsh. His insides were burning and he could barely stand.

     Zero walked down the halls, he had been pondering whether to report Silia as a maverick or help her choose a different path. She was beautiful, there was no dout in that, but Zero would not let such things effect his decision. Perhaps he would just have to deal with her himself. Though then again he would hate to se what it would do to X, no matter how much older than him Yakasa really was, he couldn't help but think of him as a fragile child. He knew full well that Yakasa despised fighting, but even more he knew that X would not stay with his pacifist ways. He could feel the change in the atmosphere something was happening, the tide was about to turn, and the mavericks would no longer be only a minor nuisance, it would become a full blown war, X could feel it too but he wouldn't admit it.
     All the hunters could feel it.

     When the day came Yakasa and Silia were eating dinner together at a restaurant, Silia had recovered and showered and changed into a formal dress, X as well had changed in to more formal wear, his spiky hair was combed to lay flat on his head. Then X heard it. A bomb was being dropped. Silia had heard it too; she jumped and grabbed X on the way to the floor. The force of the blast blew down the wall, several other people had thrown themselves to the floor as well, while others remained seated and were caught in the blast.
     Yakasa stood up and looked out the hole in the wall, what he saw was a nightmare, the building was totaled, as was the neighboring building. Silia and him returned to the Irregular Hunter Base to find out what happened, X would have run if Silia had not chosen to use her teleportation device.

     When they reached the base Silia's armor had appeared on her, she tied her hair up in a ponytail that every recognized as her being ready for battle. Yakasa ran up to one of the hunters, grabbed him by the arm and asked him what happened.
     "I don't know! All I've heard is some gibberish about maverick bombings, it doesn't make sense!"
     X gritted his teeth, the Irregulars had actually become a real threat.

     The next day Yakasa heard that the damage had been repaired and the few mavericks that were found were destroyed, though they were robots rather than reploids nobody but X was worried. X went to Silia's quarters but when he got there what he saw frightened him.

     Zero stood looking at Silia, X couldn't hear what they said but he knew that they were arguing. As X leaned closer, Zero suddenly activated his buster and fired a pulse right into Silia's gut. The Reploid was sent flying into the wall by the blast, X screamed and ran into the room just as Zero left.
     Yakasa kneeled next to the broken and bloodied form of Silia, blood was all over the room and Silia had some of the fluid trickling down from her lips. He wrapped his arms around her dying form.
     "Yakasa... I'm sorry..."
     "Don't be! What do you have to be sorry for?"
     "I... I'm sorry that I'm dying in your arms, I'm sorry I've caused you this heartbreak... D-don't hate Zero for what he did either..."
     "I-it's my fault, I told him that I had had violent thoughts about a human... earlier today-Ngh"
     "Don' die... please don't die..."
     "X... I have one last wish..."
     "You're too good a person to go through-unh-life without someone to love... you don't have... to stay loyal to a dead chick... just... live a happy life... anyway you see fit..."
     "Silia... I... How can I be happy if you're dead?"
     "J-just... try... I wouldn't feel right if I knew you... were unhappy because of me... Find someone with a good sense of humor... if you can't laugh with someone what good is knowing them?" Silia forced a smile and X pressed her tightly to his chest and kissed her, one last time. He ignored the bitter taste of blood, he held her in his arms for a long while. His heart shattered, he placed her on the floor and knelt, saying his final good byes. She opened her eyes barely and mouthed the words 'I love you' though she couldn't voice the words.
     X felt Silia's last words even though he could not hear them. He stood up but the quickly fell onto Silia bed, sitting. He wept, and whipped the blood from his lips.

     When X finally left the room he went straight to Zeros office. X walked in and slammed a hand on Zero's desk. He glared into the officer's eyes; even though they were calm X could feel some tint of remorse coming from the crimson warrior.
     "Zero! How could you do it!?"
     "It was my duty, X, and she wanted it. She was worried that she might kill someone soon."
     "I'm sorry Yakasa, I understand how you feel but it was for the better that she died. She was a good hunter and I'm sorry that I had to end her service."
     X almost left right then, but instead he choose to stay, "Don't you feel anything about the fact that you just killed someone? Don't you feel any remorse!?"
     X got up and stormed out the door. Zero looked down to his papers, a proper funeral would be provided.

     A few days later X had forgiven Zero, though he still mourned the loss, he understood Zero's position and wished that things had just gone differently. X was sitting in the cafeteria when the announcement was made. The impossible had happened. Sigma had gone maverick. X heard some people talking about the city being destroyed, X heard of Zero being promoted to commander of the 17th unit and his decision to fight Sigma. X chose to join the hunters this day. The war had gone too far, and X knew deep down, that it was his fault.
     X ran out of the building and towards the highway where the mavericks were last seen.

     When Yakasa reached the highway what he saw mortified him. The entire city was in ruins, once beautiful buildings were now burning, the road was cracked and broken in several places, and X couldn't stand it. He ran on through the retreating cars. He didn't blame them for running; the mavericks were a horrible foe. A wheel like maverick rolled towards him, it's spikes leaving deep holes in the road, X pulled out his buster, and for the first time in his life fired it. He pulled back as a small pulse of energy leapt from his arm and burrowed into the maverick, it fell over and spun towards him, he leapt over it and it exploded behind him. Next he saw a tall drone, it had two green eyes that lit up when he drew closer.
     He screamed as a pulse of electricity shot through his body, the robot had discharged some of it's own power just to hurt X; the drones were suicidal! X fired several blasts into the 'bot's face, it didn't react except by firing a few missiles at him and exploding.
     X tumbled as the missiles hit him, it hurt like hell and he didn't want to encounter any more of these drones.
     Much to his dismay he encountered two more, these one's accompanied by strange helicopter drones. The flying drones attempted to crush X with spiked 'feet' that they dropped; whenever he dodged the crushing panels would bore through the concrete. He fought through them as best he could and when he made past them a large bee copter flew down in front of him.
     It launched missiles at him and fired a machine gun; it also carried these strange ball-like robots that once hitting the ground uncurled into strange ball headed walkers. He shot at one but it only folded back and returned fire ten-fold. Yakasa screamed as the shots hit him sending electrical energy through out his entire body.
     He charged his cannon and fired a blast in a random direction and the shot hit home, he knocked the helicopter's propeller. He sighed as it fell but quickly yelled and flailed his arms when the bug-chopper hit the road causing it to collapse.
     X jumped as high as he could to avoid meeting the same fate as the helicopter.

     Hours later X had barely managed to survive as long as he did, but he saw the ship and knew his destination wasn't far. He ran off, battling some strange car drones. He cringed as the last one exploded.
     He looks to the ship, it was descending and it lowered a platform. Upon the platform was a large blue ride armor with a purple reploid driving it.
     "It ends here, boy!" He announced leaping from the ship.
     X fought as best he could but the constant strikes sent him to the ground each time. He could feel his blood leaking past his chest plate. One of his eyes was closed from a wound placed thee by one of the over-sized fists. As X was sent flying from another blow he felt something hit his chest. He couldn't move!
     The maverick paused mid-slide and turned around to pick up X.
     "How pathetic. Did you really think you could defeat me?"
     A surge of energy flew past X and shot off the arm that held him. When Yakasa landed he barely saw Zero run up along side him, charging his buster. The maverick leapt away laughing and saying something X couldn't hear. Zero's shot flew harmlessly by it's target having run.
     "I-I failed..."
     The crimson hunter turned to him, a smile on his face, "You couldn't possibly of expected to defeat him X. He was built as a war machine," He knelt down and gave X a hand in getting up, "And besides, if you use the powers you were built with," He winks in a friendly manner, "You may even get to be as powerful as me!"

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