Zero: Ressurection
By: Gelgameth

A Nightmare to End All Nightmares

     "Iris," Zero says. Iris and Zero stand strait across from each other.
      "So you fought with my brother...".
      "I'm sorry" Zero says sorrowfully
      "Then it's over... every thing,"
      Now Iris is lying on the floor in pain. Now the general is floating into a pit. Now A giant robot with sigma's head on it is aiming a gun at Zero's head.

      Zero is still in the maverick hunter transport shuttle. There was barely enough room for Zero in the ship. Zero mumbles something like this, "Sigma was right about me... I wanted to kill them" Zero then looks out the window and sees the ghostly images of Iris and the Colonel, as Zero reaches at the phantoms the mirage disappears. Zero begins to cry, and then screams at the empty void of space, " I'M A MURDERER!!!"
     A mysterious voice comes to Zero

     Zero stands alone in a graveyard a mysterious mist wafts over the graveyard. Web spider stands next to Zero, Web spider is an old friend of Zero's, he is missing a few limbs (now he only has 5) and his yellow body paint is faded, he asks Zero "why did you do it Zero?"
      Zero looks at spider "what do you mean web?" Zero inquires.
      "Look" Spider says pointing at a grave Zero & spider walk up to the grave "Read it Zero." Web says.
      Zero kneels over to read the tombstone, it reads, 'IRIS 2115-2134 SHE WAS LOVED BUT THE MURDERUR KNOW AS ZERO CUT HER LIFE SHORT ' Zero gasps then looks up to spider to ask him something but he is not there! Instead there is a black robot with large yellow crests on his head he also has two purple scars running down from his eyes.
      "Good work Zero... She was keeping you away from your mission!" he says Zero gives him a look that could kill
      " 'Keeping me away from my mission' what? You bastard!!!" Zero says he leaps at the robot and grabs his neck.
      "You wouldn't kill me Zero, you don't have the guts... yet." The robot says Zero is now holding thin air.
      Zero puzzled at the way the black bot disappeared, looks around to find him then receive a blast to the back he looks at the source and it's the black robot.
      "That was for your insolence Zero." He says then the robot walks away.
      Zero sits down in front of the tombstone he begins to cry remembering Iris but then, "Why did you do it Zero? Why did you kill us?" Web spider asks.
      "I-I-I don't know... I want Iris back I want my friend's back why-why did they have to die... I loved her... more than any thing in the world, I want her back." Zero answers.
      "There is a way you can see her again... Zoy!" Web says Zero dodges the electric web that almost hits him. Zero runs for his life.
      He comes to the gate he almost gets out when a huge shadow appears and says, "No exit her cousin!"
      Another shadow appears this one has a pair of scissors on his head he speaks in a geeky voice, "You're not leaving till you meet him." It says.

      Zero is picked up by a flying robot and carried on a long flight. As he is flying he sees about a hundred dead metools below him. He is dropped off at a lone tombstone; the flying robot recedes into the shadows. There is a perfect circle of light around the tombstone there is no light out of that shadow. Zero looks at the tombstone then says, "What is this?"
      The colonel steps out of the shadows and says, "This is the punishment!"
      Zero gasps at the site of his friend in such terrible condition "punishment for what?" Zero asks.
      X steps out of the shadows, he is in as terrible condition Zero is shocked "X... you too?" he mutters quietly he has figured out that they are dead a while ago.
      X says, "For what you did!"
      "What did I do!?" Zero shouts as Iris steps out of the shadows "Iris..." Zero whispers.
      Iris exclaims, "You killed your friends!!"
      Zero steps closer to Iris and says, "I'm sorry...I never wanted to... I love you Iris!!!" Zero then wraps his arms around Iris.
      "Now read it... Zero." Iris says to Zero, she seems to be starting to cry Zero walks over to the tombstone and kneels to reads it, it says, 'ZERO 209_-21__(some of the numbers are blurred and impossible to read.) HE HAD FRIENDS BUT NO ONE MISSED HIM FOR HE WAS A COLD BLOODED KILLER.' Zero gasps and stumbles backwards. He looks at Iris like a sad puppy would "Wha-Wha-What does this mean?..."
      Iris looks down and to her right "it's your destiny..." She says. Iris walks up to Zero and holds him Zero hugs her.
      "My, my. Isn't this sweet?" the owner of the voice steps out of the shadows and it's the black robot!

      Zero gives the robot a look that could kill, Iris does the same "She's doing it again Zero... at this rate you'll never get your mission complete! Kill her Zero... NOW!!!"
     The robot says, "If you don't... Heheh Hahahaha!!!" Iris steps in between the two her back facing Zero.
      "No don't hurt him!" She exclaims.
      An old man holding a cane walks up to the robot "kill her Forte she has lived long enough."
      'Forte' nods slightly and raises his arm cannon up to level with his chest. Iris gasps at the Idea of her dying again she turns her head to the right as much as she can and looks at Zero... who is getting up Iris smiles slightly and her eyes relax at the thought of Zero protecting her. Zero shouts, "don't you dare harm her in any way you bastard!!!!" Forte just ignores him and shoots Iris, She falls down backwards, and Zero catches her.
      "Iris are you all right? Speak to me!" Zero says.
      "Zero. Never forget me.................." Iris says Zero shakes her trying to get her to respond or show some sign she's alive but to no avail she is dead.
      Zero looks at Forte and says, "You killed her. You murdered Iris! You'll pay!!!" with that Zero gets up and charges at Forte but before he can do a thing to Forte he is shot.
      "Iris... I'll be joining you soon..." Zero mutters slowly.
      "No you won't" A woman's voice says Iris walks up to Zero.
      Zero is lying on the ground face up, Iris is holding a gun and She shoots Zero.
      X comes into his view "this is for all that you have done" He says. Then he shoots Zero.
      The colonel comes into view and shoots Zero. Web spider comes and shoots Zero. Zero slowly and painfully dies.

     Zero Shoots up into a sitting position he is covered in sweat and breathing deeply "that that was not the usual dream." He mutters "Iris.... I will have you back! I swear I will see you again."
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